High Five for Valentine’s Day!

Happy Friday! Here’s my week:

1) Not feeling to good these last few days. But it’s given me time to print out several recipes I want to start cooking and freezing soups and meats for some more ready-made meals. This Pioneer Woman Hamburger Soup is on my list! Looks so good. pioneerwoman

2. I’m in love with this CND nail polish! Lasts for days! I’ve never done metallic polish before but this gold is very subtle and neutral. image_2

3. I didn’t feel well enough to go shopping this week, but there were some deals I couldn’t miss, so I sent Jon out. He did so good! Got every deal I wanted him to perfectly, and even got me a rain check on one that they were out of. And I think this may have been my best spending/saving ratio, especially since I got another $1 off with iBotta. Saved almost double what we spent! Good job, honey. image_1

4. Continuing with the husband theme (it is Valentine’s Day after all), I left my phone when I went to a doctor’s appointment and when I came home he had left for work but I found my phone with this note on it when I got home. Made me smile. 🙂image_3

5. And to finish it all off, my sweet husband brought me 2 roses tonight after he got off from his first job (before he left for his second). Two blooms for the two years we’ve been married. I love that man. image

Happy Friday!

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ThredUp Love

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So it begins.

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I mean, of course I wash my hair every day …

… doesn’t everyone?


tresemmeBut, just in case you might miss a day once in a blue moon … or maybe only wash your hair every other day … or maybe twice a week … or roll out of bed 10 minutes before you have to leave and throw Day 4 hair in a pony tail … this is for you.

I’ve tried a Suave dry shampoo in the past. I loved the idea of it — absorbs excess oil and refreshes your hair between washes — but that one was not good for me. Caused crazy buildup and made my scalp itch = bad news. But I saw this Tresemme version linked on a few beauty blogs so I thought I’d give it a whirl (In case you’re curious, I combined a sale + coupon + Ibotta to make it nearly free).

I REALLY like it. I have to spray my hair a few times to get good results, but it does a great job. It does NOT leave residue, and really refreshes my roots & bangs and gives me some lift back. Shake it really well before you spray to get the product combined.

And it’s not just for 1, 2, 3, or 17-day old hair either. I was doing a Kate hair tutorial this morning and she uses dry shampoo on clean hair before styling it just to give it some texture and lift. This is a great affordable option. Give it a try! According to Southern Savers, there is a $5/2 Tresemme products in yesterday’s paper — perfect opportunity to try some new products!

High Five for Friday!

This week went by really fast for me! Here’s what happened:

1) I wrote my first paper of the semester. I got my bachelor’s May 2012, but since I work at a college I’ve been taking a few classes as I have time. This semester, I’m very excited that I get to have a class of just reading. I love reading, I just don’t take time for it like I should. I’m reading four World War books over the course of the semester, and then I write a paper and have an oral presentation on it. My first presentation was Tuesday, and I thought it went well! I read this book:


2) I made laundry detergent! This literally costs pennies. Do it. Save yourself SO MUCH MONEY! I’ve been using different forms of DIY detergent for a while, and I love it.


3) I found this on Pinterest. And felt stupid that I’ve never figured it out before.


4) I opened my Closet store on Storenvy! I’ve already had a couple sales, and I love that people get to wear and enjoy the clothes that were just sitting in my closet! Link is on the sidebar.


5) This is probably cheating, because it hasn’t happened yet, but I am just too excited to not share that J&I are headed to the Great Smoky Mountains in a couple weeks. I seriously cannot wait. It is my favorite place in the world. I never want to live there, because I never want to get tired of going there.


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Introducing Your Favorite New Boutique


(click the pic!)


So, without a doubt, one of the things I miss most about dorm life is the closets. Oh, the closets. When your wardrobe wasn’t in a good mood, you could just move on to the next one and suddenly there were new, wonderful clothes just asking to be worn. You hadn’t bought them, you weren’t tired of them, they fulfilled all your wardrobe needs. Oh, those beautiful borrowed closets.

My husband’s closet isn’t quite so magical, although his long-sleeve thermals are perfection on a cold morning. Theoretically. We don’t have cold mornings in Tampa. They’re just less hot.

So, for all of those of you out there that have no qualms about wearing other people’s clothes, this is for you. I’m tired of looking into my jam-packed closet and thinking, “I have nothing to wear!” And it’s because I have so many clothes that don’t fit or match my staple items. I have a problem of buying things that don’t fit very well. “I know it’s not petite, but it’s only $4.29!” No more. I’m going to be good now. But, I couldn’t let these perfectly good, often barely worn clothes go to waste! They’re still so good, I just can’t use them! But you can!

So, I created Lauren’s Closet. This will hopefully be something that I can keep adding to as I update my closet. I’ve tried to price things very reasonably, and if you purchase more than one item it will combine shipping to make that not much extra. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know! I want to know that it makes sense and works for y’all. There’s a link on my sidebar that you can check back and see when I’ve added new things.

(If you’re local to Tampa/someone I see often, let me know and we can arrange for you to pick up the items free of shipping charges.)

Go take a look around! Even if you can’t afford to get anything, go take a look and see what you think about the layout and let me know.

Happy Thursday! Happy shopping!