8453 days ago, this happened.


8390 days ago, this happened. (this may be a FEW days after).


922 days ago, this happened.

First Date

609 days ago, this happened.


Then, exactly 365 days ago, this happened.


Happy Anniversary, my love!



How do I love thee, Amazon? Let me count the ways.


I have loved Amazon for many a day. It has rescued me from many forgotten birthdays, soothed me when I wanted to shop, reassured me with its Prime 2-day shipping, entertained me with its streaming videos, and even paid me when my textbooks were no longer of use to me. And today, again, Amazon has shown its true value.

My mascara tube is dried up.

Horror of horrors, I know.

Now, I am the type that will drag out things as long as possible. I add water to the soap dispenser, use my makeup remover wipes twice (they’re too big!), and wear my 2-week contact lenses for … well … you get the point. I stretch it out. But, the fact that I can’t remember when I bought this tube of mascara was beginning to concern me.

But, seriously, mascara is expensive. $7 -$8 for a tube of black stuff just hurts. That’s 3 pounds of chicken. That’s 1 1/2 meals at Chick-fil-A. That’s a movie ticket.

(This is also something I do — anytime I spend money on something I don’t want to spend money on, I run through the endless list in my mind of what else I could be spending that money on. For example, J-Wick’s wisdom teeth extraction … I don’t want to talk about it.)

But, hark! On a whim, I clicked over to Amazon and there it was. My Covergirl Natureluxe mascara. For $2.48.


Two dollars and forty-eight cents (in case you missed it).

With free shipping.

I bought 3.

And J-Wick’s text response when I told him was : “Well done good and faithful wife. Your prudence shall be rewarded in the latter days.” I like him.

I like this mascara because it’s a nice cross between regular and waterproof. It stays on really well, but comes off easily with my makeup remover wipes. It’s a nice texture and I get reasonable fullness from it. I first bought it because it was “natural,” although I’m not sure how much is really natural about it besides the fact that the bottle is green. But hey, if they took out one chemical, it helps. Most of my makeup and skincare routine is natural, so if I make a concession here or there for things that are hard to replace, I don’t feel too bad about it. (How’s that for rationalization? I’ll go eat a cookie since I had salad today. Oh wait, I didn’t have salad. Shame.)

Alas, I can’t share this $2.48 happiness with you all, because on discovering this wondrous item I posted it on my FB and within a few hours they were sold out. (There were only a dozen or so left when I found them — I’m not that popular).

But, I would encourage you to think about Amazon when making home/health/beauty purchases. If you already know what you want and don’t need to physically shop around, it saves time, gas, stress, and almost always money, especially if you have the Prime membership. Even if you don’t, if you get up to $25, you can still get free shipping.

For example, here are 300 salon-quality bobby pins for $2.39. Or here is a professional curling iron for $25. Check Amazon before you go shopping — not only because it may be cheaper, but it keeps you focused on what you’re actually shopping for.

If you’re a student, you can sign up for your very own Prime membership here free for six months, and then get it for 50% off after that. If you’re not a student, go here for a free 30-day trial. Why wait? Try it! Tell ’em I sent ya.


Petite Peach

P.S. – This is not a sponsored post. I just really love Amazon. And so should you.

P.P.S. – Amazon just announced that they are opening a warehouse in Tampa! Exciting!

“Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring, and because it has fresh peaches in it.”


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