Hi, five!

This has been a crazy, crazy week! Rehearsals and schedules and shopping trips, oh my! Looking forward to some normalcy. Here’s my high five!

1. I have made my first few “sale/coupon” shopping trips. And for the most part, they went well! I saved just under 50% at Publix, and right at 50% at Target in my first two trips. My last trip to Target was slightly disappointing as I got a little mixed up and spent more than I meant to, but I still got soap, cotton balls, a birthday gift, a NICE razor, frozen broccoli, raspberries, 2 jars of pasta sauce, carrots, and 2 folders for a total of $10, so I’ll say that was successful. Full price, the razor alone was $10! Southern Savers makes this so much easier and less intimidating, and, I have to say, addictive! And no guilt, because, hey, you’re spending less money than you used to, and you’re pantry is fuller. Win-win!


2. I’ve been spending a lot more time with my almost-1-year-old niece this week while here parents and my husband are rehearsing for a musical. She’s never been scared of me, but she’s gotten much more comfortable with me in the last week and it’s so heart-warming to see her smile when she sees me. She starting to use a few baby signs, and they are adorable!

3. Tonight is opening night for Fiddler on the Roof! I’m so excited to see all my family and friends’ hard work, and also to actually be able to spend some time with my husband again. 🙂


4. I made Ghirardelli brownies this week. Oh man. If you’ve never had them, you must. If you have, you understand.


5. We may or may not have made an exceedingly large purchase this week. Something that may or may not have 4 wheels. And may or may not be silver, with black interior. And may or may not have leather seats. And may or may not have been within our budget. And may or may not have cost an arm and a leg and a headache to get it registered. And may or may not be automatic so I can actually use it. 3 guesses what it is?

How’s your week been?

— Petite Peach

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Don’t believe everything you hear.

There are so many things about being petite that make shopping and styling confusing, because your body is about a foot shorter than the mannequins — tops that hit at their hips hit you at your knees. So, I’ve experimented, failed, and experimented again. I’ve found many petite tips that I do not agree with and do not think are necessary, but also some that I think are very helpful.

Petite tips I do not agree with:

  • Dress all in one color | The idea here is that if you’re not breaking up your outfit with different blocks of color, the overall effect will make you look taller and slimmer. But … dress all in one color? From headband to shoes? No. Just, no.
  • Choose skirts with high slits | I will never be convinced that stylish and well-fitting clothes must be immodest. High slits are not in my fashion vocabulary.
  • Wear tighter clothes | See above answer.
  • Don’t wear flat shoes | I understand the concept here (high heels will of course make you taller), but it is impractical that you will never want or need to wear flats. If you do wear flats, choose some straight pants and a long necklace to pair them with. If one aspect of your outfit is “shortening”, then lengthen it somewhere else.
  • Wear long shirts | I agree that short shirts make me look stubby, but long shirts that reach past my hips make my legs look even shorter than they already are. The shirts that look the best on me hit right at my hip bone.

Petite tips I do agree with:

  • Wear clothes that fit well | I know, duh. But, I used to think shopping for petite tops wasn’t important because, unlike pants, they don’t drag the ground if they’re too long. But petite tops fit better everywhere: neckline, armhole, seaming, length, and actually make you look taller because they fit you just like regular tops fit average height women.
  • Choose V-shapes | This is difficult, because V-necks tops are truly very flattering and elongating, but can also be revealing. However, even vests, cardigans, and jackets can add a V-shape on top of a regular layer.
  • Wear heels | I definitely do not do this every day, but I am on the quest for a good neutral pair of low-to-mid heels and wedges. They make me feel taller and more put together.
  • Choose pants with straight legs | A straight legged pant will visually give you one long, straight line from your hips to your shoes, especially if worn with heels. Bootcut or tapered pants can sometimes work, but also can break up the leg line and make you look shorter.
  • Wear jackets open | I love jackets for adding structure, but buttoning them can cut you in half. Leaving them open creates one line from your neck to your shoes, while still adding great interest to the outfit.
  • Wear long necklaces | Again, visually adds height and lines.
  • Choose bermudas over shorter shorts | I love when a fashion tip coincides with my own modesty choices! I love bermuda shorts (hit at the middle of the knee), and from a petite standpoint they are great because they are not only easy to find long enough for your comfort, but they add the most height because they add the longest line possible for shorts. By the way, same concept for skirts.

Hope these tips help! We’re getting our remote camera trigger today so maybe I can finally start posting pictures instead of just talking about it. 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

~ Lauren

Travel Tuesday: Shoes!

I’m behind this week! I missed posting yesterday completely and am very late today. This week is crazy for me, as my husband is in musical rehearsals every day after work, and we only have one car between us. Fortunately, his rehearsals are at my workplace (college campus), but that doesn’t solve the problem of getting me home. So, my limited time at home is spent doing dishes, laundry, food prep, sleep, getting ready for work, repeat. Wish me luck!

Here’s my brief Travel Tuesday:

As silly as this seems, one of the first things I’m trying to plan out for our 11-day tour is what shoes I’ll be wearing. Here are my qualifications:

1) Comfortable. Yes, I am 23 going on 60, but I’ve walked across New York in bad shoes and it hurt. A lot.

2) Cute. I may be 23 going on 60, but I’m still 23, and, let’s be real guys, I’m not wearing tennis shoes in Paris.

3) Compact. I’m seriously planning on taking 1, maybe 2 pairs total, and I want my suitcase to be as small as possible.

4) Classic. (It’s the closest ‘C’ word I could get to neutral, okay?) I want something simple that will look good with everything.

5) Cheap. ‘Nuff said.

So begins my journey. I’ve got 9 months to find them. And I believe I may have one option already in my closet. My scrunch flats from Payless are the most comfortable, neutral, versatile shoes I’ve ever bought. My only concern is I may have worn them out by May, because I wear them at least every other day. If they go on clearance, I’m buying them all!


I love them so.

So, they are my first option right now, but I’m going to keep on the hunt! I’m considering Toms as well.

What are you favorite comfy-cute shoes?

– Peach

It’s Friday, Friday …

So glad it’s the weekend! This is going to be a good one. Here’s my high five:

1. My mom is in town, and my dad is coming next week, to help take care of my niece while my brother and sister-in-law are part of a production of Fiddler on the Roof! My husband is part of it too. I almost was, but decided I needed to take some time off from rehearsals and late nights. So I actually get to just go and enjoy the show! Haven’t done that in a long time. I’m looking forward to it!

2. I’m really excited about this one — I’m starting to seriously coupon. I’m not going to become a crazy coupon lady with a big 3-ring binder who takes half an hour to get through the grocery line and buys 18 bottles of Windex. Not me. Not doing that. I’m learning to coupon practically. Jenny @ SouthernSavers makes it SO much easier. Watch her introductory couponing video. It makes the whole thing make sense. I’m really excited! I’m going to start slow, but I’m ready to stop spending so much on groceries, and I want to get comfortable with it before having kids so when I do it’s not this huge daunting idea. Yay! Excited. J is totally on board too, which helps. 🙂

3. We went to JCP on Sunday to look for black polos for when we photograph weddings, and I, um, happened upon the petite clearance section. Oops. And I, um, happened to walk into the fitting room with a pile of clothes, and I, um, happened to buy 3 things. But I HAPPENED to only spend $15 on a work top, a cardigan, and a dress! So I’m okay with that.

4. I also needed black khaki pants for our wedding-shoot outfits, and I didn’t have any, so I found some petite ones at Old Navy and they had a 20% sale, so I grabbed them online. They came yesterday, and they fit SO WELL. I love them. I’ll need to hem them another inch or so, but other than that they are great! I love closet staples! They’re perfect because they aren’t as dressy as dress pants but are more dressed up than jeans, so I can totally dress them up or down depending on what I pair them with. So excited!

5. I played peek-a-boo with my 11-month-old niece last night at dinner. And it was adorable.

What were your highlights this week?

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My go-to “milk”

BD Almond Milk

A friend of mine asked me last night what my favorite dairy-free products are, so that sparked this post. For many years now I have been figuring that I am lactose intolerant and experimenting with different products to get around that. This girl loves her milk, her cheese, her ice cream … oh, Dippin’ Dots … it’s a problem. I originally tried Lactaid, and used that for a while, but it is still dairy and I still had stomach problems, that I just dealt with for a while.

But, then I married my husband. He’s dairy allergic (his throat swells up when he eats it), so I knew I would have to buckle down on my dairy-free knowledge. The main rule I have learned is:

Don’t try to replace every regular, dairy-full recipe with dairy-free alternatives. You’ll spend a fortune. Find good recipes that are naturally dairy-free. 

Easier said than done, right? It’s a work in progress, but I’ve actually found that I enjoy not paying for all that dairy. It’s not the cheapest stuff!

However, our one consistent dairy-free purchase is Blue Diamond Almond Breeze. It’s soy and dairy free, which I love. The main flavors are Original (Sweetened or Unsweetened) and Vanilla (Sweetened and Unsweetened). They also have Chocolate, which I’ve never tried. J likes Sweetened Vanilla, and I like Sweetened Original. It tastes the most like milk to me.

I still don’t drink it straight like I did milk, but we use it on cereal, in smoothies, and the Original works beautifully in every recipe I need milk for (Vanilla does not. Trust us, we’ve tried. Sweet Vanilla Almond Chicken and Rice Soup was not a hit).

I’ve also tried So Delicious Coconut Milk, which was much too strong for me, and rice milk, which I didn’t enjoy at all. I still miss my real milk, but Almond Milk is a fantastic second choice. Another fun feature is that because it isn’t dairy, it has a much longer shelf life. We never hit the expiration date on these, and when it’s on sale I can stock up.

Speaking of which, it’s on sale 2/$5 at Publix this next week, and some stores have an extra $0.55 coupon! Go try it. It’s normally $3.25 at our Publix, or $2.88 at our Walmart (which doesn’t always have all the flavors in stock).

Have a lovely, dairy-free Thursday!


“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” – J.R.R.T.

This should be the slogan for the Petite Woman of America. Which probably isn’t a society.

So, here begins what I hope will be a growing (get it? short joke) number of “petite” posts. Not that the posts themselves will be short (well, sometimes they might) but they will primarily be focused on learning how best to dress a petite body. I’m 5’1″ on a good hair day, and have been since I was 12. I’m definitely the runt of my family. I’ve been trying for the last 10 years to learn how to shop and dress to fit my body, and I’m still learning, for sure, but I want to use this blog as a means to push myself to learn more, and share what I learn.

So, just to get these out there, let’s list the Curses of Short People:

  • You can’t function in your kitchen without a step stool and/or you have become very adept at climbing.
  • Your petite jeans are still frayed at the bottom from dragging the ground.
  • You’ll never understand why the “short” sizes are on the top shelf.
  • You don’t really consider using the overhead bins on flights. If it don’t go under the seat, it don’t go.
  • Your size is only sold online.
  • You and crowds don’t get along.
  • You have to take two steps to your husband’s one.
  • Your feet dangle. Always.

If any of these apply to you, please let me know! I’ll feel less alone.

But, on the bright side, let’s list the Blessings of Short People:

  • You can get other people to reach things for you. “Fetch me that pitcher?” Name that movie.
  • You always get a good spot in group pictures.
  • You can wear skirts/shorts/dresses that are too short on other people.
  • You can shop in the girls’ section. I know I’m not the only one who’s done this. It’s cheaper!
  • You can stand up straight under the overhead bin on the plane. Take that overhead bin. Who needed you anyway?
  • You get called “cute” a lot.

I “complain” about it a lot, but I really don’t mind being short. It’s more of a running joke between my 6′ husband and me and I enjoy it. There are definitely some styles that others can pull off that I can’t, and there are certainly times when I wish my legs were more than 4 inches long, but that’s okay. I have learned a ton from Audrey@Putting Me Together (see my “peachy blogs” page) and am able to translate a lot of her tips into my wardrobe, even though she’s not petite. It’s really all about making sure your clothes fit you, and then putting them together is the fun part! I’m excited about this page and hope we all learn a lot!

Have a lovely day,

Petite Peach


2009 – Pitiful, no?

Travel Tuesday


I’m so excited to post the first of many posts that will focus on — travel! That’s right, folks, J-Wick and I will be headed overseas in May 2014. In the interest of not sounding snooty, it is only because of some very, very fortunate financial circumstances and generosity that we were able to even consider this trip. We are so grateful for this opportunity, and we know that it may be once in a lifetime, so we’re going to enjoy it. We’ve always heard that we should travel while we’re young, and we’re so blessed that we will be able to!

Let’s start with this beautiful little schedule:

Day 1: Start Tour

Day 2: Hello London!

  • British Museum visit
  • Churchill Estate at Chartwell visit

Day 3: London Landmarks

  • London Guided Sightseeing Tour
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Big Ben
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Tower Bridge
  • Hyde Park
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Cabinet War Rooms with Churchill Museum visit
  • Imperial War Museum visit
  • Travel to Portsmouth
  • Overnight ferry to St. Malo

Day 4: St. Malo

  • Mont-St-Michel Monastery guided visit
  • Travel to Sainte Mere-Eglise via Carentan
  • Sainte Mere-Eglise – Tour Director-led city walk

Day 5: Normandy–Paris

  • Point du Hoc
  • Utah Beach
  • Omaha Beach
  • American Cemetery visit
  • Travel back to Paris
  • Champs-ÉlysĂ©es
  • Eiffel Tower Ascent

Day 6: Paris Landmarks

  • Louvre visit
  • Notre Dame Cathedral visit
  • Left Bank Tour Director-led walking tour
  • Tour Director-led Sightseeing Tour of Montmartre
  • Visit SacrĂ© Coeur

Day 7: Paris–Brussels

  • Group-arranged worship
  • Travel to Brussels (via Compiegne)
  • Armistice Museum visit
  • Langemark German Cemetery visit
  • Brussels Tour Director-led Sightseeing Tour
  • Grand Place, Manneken Pis

Day 8: Brussels–Luxembourg

  • Travel to Bastogne
  • Bastogne Historical Center visit
  • Travel to Luxembourg
  • American Cemetery/Patton’s grave visit
  • Luxembourg City Tour Director-led city walk

Day 9: Luxembourg–Munich

  • Train to Munich
  • Dachau Concentration Camp & Memorial visit

Day 10: Salzburg Excursion

  • Eagle’s Nest Excursion
  • Salzburg City Walk
  • Dinner in Salzburg

Day 11: End Tour

J is already apologizing for the fact that he will be completely focused (ha, get it?) on photography for most of the trip and I’ll rarely see him. But, we are travelling with many dear friends so I’m sure I’ll find someone to walk with.

I plan to post interesting sites we will see, tips for travel, packing ideas, and, of course, travel-ready style! I’m so excited for this series of posts. It’ll give me something to focus on so I don’t get too impatient for May to get here! I have a countdown in the sidebar.

Happy Tuesday dears! Where has been your favorite vacation so far? Where is your dream vacation?

Petite Peach

P.S. – This is the Eagle’s Nest. Wow.



What will it BB?


I’m jumping onto the BB cream bandwagon a little late. I love the idea of being able to wear a moisturizer with light coverage on days when I don’t want to put on a full face of makeup. The first one I’ve tried is the Covergirl Smoothers BB Cream. It offers these benefits:

1. Natural Looking Radiance

2. Sheer Color

3. All Day Hydration

4. Improves Skin Elasticity

5. Broad Spectrum SPF 15

6. Blends Effortlessly

7. Lightweight

8. Helps Skin Feel Smooth

9. Covers to Help Instantly Improve Skin’s Appearance

10. Won’t Clog Pores

(11. Affordable! $6.50 at Publix)

A 10-in-1 perfecting cream sounds almost too good to be true, and for me, it was. I like the cream, and I won’t say that it doesn’t do what it says, but personally I need more coverage than a BB cream can provide. If you do not have heavy breakouts or much redness, however, this would be a great option for light days.

I found that the 810 “light to medium” shade works for me and blends well. I use it mainly as my moisturizer/primer before my foundation, and I will definitely use this before going to the pool or an at-home day when I just want a good moisturizer.

After I finish with this, I may experiment with a CC cream. Kate at the Small Things Blog gives a nice summary of the differences in BB, CC, DD etc. The CC offers more coverage and correction (hence the CC), and I’ll review one when I try it. I was able to double coupon (Publix + manufacturer) to get this one for around $4, which I don’t regret at all. It’s a good basic tinted moisturizer with a few added benefits thrown in. If that’s what floats your boat, go for this one!

Happy Monday!

Petite Peach

High Five for Friday!

It’s Friday, y’all! I’m so ready. J-Wick and I are loving actually having weekends again. For so long, we’ve been in college, working on projects, at rehearsals, working, editing yearbooks or usually doing some combination of every single one of those things on the weekends, but now we wake up on Saturdays and say, “Hey! Let’s go do something fun because we can!” It’s glorious. I know it won’t last forever, but we’re enjoying it while we can.

Here’s this week’s five highs:

#1: No picture for this one, but Jon and I got to take dinner to a wonderful 90-year-old man from our church family on Monday night. We’ve been blessed to be part of a rotation that brings him dinner twice a week, and we’ve loved getting to know him better and are so excited to get to keep it up for the next few months! So much Godly wisdom to be learned from that man.

Taco Tuesday!
Taco Tuesday! Inspired by dinner at a friend’s house recently, Jon and I made fish tacos! They were excellent! Tilapia, lime rice, cabbage, and salsa on lightly fried tortillas with chips and guac (for Jon) and more salsa (for me).

#3: I won’t post a picture for her privacy, but my sweet friend and former roommate in Virginia had her baby boy! She was in labor around 24 hours, but held up like a trooper! He is PRECIOUS! I can’t wait to meet him!

Wick Photography
Our Wick Photography page passed 300 likes! We’re so excited about the interest we’ve received and we’ve had so much fun shooting these events! Keep ’em comin’! Click on the logo to see our FB page (and like it!)

Chevron rug
My awesome sister-in-law sent us a new kitchen rug! I’m in love! Chevron + mustard yellow = perfection. Thanks dear!

Hope y’all have a great Friday! Go freeze some grapes. They’re the best snack ever.

Love ya,
Petite Peach

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