Moleskine Monday

At some point I might actually establish a schedule of what I post on what days, but until then — I’m feeling some Moleskine love today.


My weekly planner has lived in my purse since my freshman year of college. I somehow survived one semester without one (and missed a few assignments due to said lack), and have used one daily ever since. I originally started with the small version, but I upgraded to the large a few years ago and have loved it.

As seen from the above picture, the left side of each opening is a week’s schedule, and the right side is a ruled sheet that I use for notes/lists.

I am a scheduler & list-maker and always will be, so I realize I am probably more excited about these than the general public, but I highly recommend these planners to anyone and everyone. Mine keeps me sane, organized, and it’s a wonderful place to keep my lists and even coupons in the handy little pocket in the back. There’s a handy bookmark to easily find the current week, and there’s an elastic strap that keeps it tightly closed so it doesn’t get wrinkled up in your purse.

Also, there’s fun little stickers to remind you of bills, vacations, anniversaries, etc.

Get one! They’re cheap, and they even have 18-month versions that start in July, so get one today! This is the exact one I have.


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