Don’t believe everything you hear.

There are so many things about being petite that make shopping and styling confusing, because your body is about a foot shorter than the mannequins — tops that hit at their hips hit you at your knees. So, I’ve experimented, failed, and experimented again. I’ve found many petite tips that I do not agree with and do not think are necessary, but also some that I think are very helpful.

Petite tips I do not agree with:

  • Dress all in one color | The idea here is that if you’re not breaking up your outfit with different blocks of color, the overall effect will make you look taller and slimmer. But … dress all in one color? From headband to shoes? No. Just, no.
  • Choose skirts with high slits | I will never be convinced that stylish and well-fitting clothes must be immodest. High slits are not in my fashion vocabulary.
  • Wear tighter clothes | See above answer.
  • Don’t wear flat shoes | I understand the concept here (high heels will of course make you taller), but it is impractical that you will never want or need to wear flats. If you do wear flats, choose some straight pants and a long necklace to pair them with. If one aspect of your outfit is “shortening”, then lengthen it somewhere else.
  • Wear long shirts | I agree that short shirts make me look stubby, but long shirts that reach past my hips make my legs look even shorter than they already are. The shirts that look the best on me hit right at my hip bone.

Petite tips I do agree with:

  • Wear clothes that fit well | I know, duh. But, I used to think shopping for petite tops wasn’t important because, unlike pants, they don’t drag the ground if they’re too long. But petite tops fit better everywhere: neckline, armhole, seaming, length, and actually make you look taller because they fit you just like regular tops fit average height women.
  • Choose V-shapes | This is difficult, because V-necks tops are truly very flattering and elongating, but can also be revealing. However, even vests, cardigans, and jackets can add a V-shape on top of a regular layer.
  • Wear heels | I definitely do not do this every day, but I am on the quest for a good neutral pair of low-to-mid heels and wedges. They make me feel taller and more put together.
  • Choose pants with straight legs | A straight legged pant will visually give you one long, straight line from your hips to your shoes, especially if worn with heels. Bootcut or tapered pants can sometimes work, but also can break up the leg line and make you look shorter.
  • Wear jackets open | I love jackets for adding structure, but buttoning them can cut you in half. Leaving them open creates one line from your neck to your shoes, while still adding great interest to the outfit.
  • Wear long necklaces | Again, visually adds height and lines.
  • Choose bermudas over shorter shorts | I love when a fashion tip coincides with my own modesty choices! I love bermuda shorts (hit at the middle of the knee), and from a petite standpoint they are great because they are not only easy to find long enough for your comfort, but they add the most height because they add the longest line possible for shorts. By the way, same concept for skirts.

Hope these tips help! We’re getting our remote camera trigger today so maybe I can finally start posting pictures instead of just talking about it. 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

~ Lauren

2 thoughts on “Don’t believe everything you hear.

  1. I recently discovered Halftees… and they are GREAT for using with v-neck or maxi dresses (or anything!) without add lots of extra bulk.

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