Travel Tuesday


The first city we’re going to on our Europe trip is London! LONDON. I’m wondering what I will think when I get there, because my main impressions of London thus far have been from Jane Austen movies and have convinced me that London is filled with Mr. Darcys and Janes and balls and Pemberleys (okay, that was in Derbyshire, but you get the drift). It’s probably modernized slightly since the 1800s, but secretly, I hope not.


This is the British Museum. Well, I guess it has modernized a little. This will be our first stop in London.


And then we will visit Chartwell, the Churchill estate. I’m so excited about this. Museums and exhibits are fascinating to me, but homes — that’s where history comes alive to me. I love how different people love history for different reasons. My advisor at college had an antique table in his office and he said he loved it because he loved examining it and figuring out how it was built. I looked at it and I imagined how many different families had sat at it, used it, the memories that had happened there. I am very people – oriented in my love of history, so homes are my favorite. That’s why I got married in front of one!

So here’s a few things Jon and I are going to see on our first day in London! Let me know if you’ve been there! What would you like to see in London?

2 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday

  1. You have to take a picture with the school where Daniel Radcliffe went, of course. And climb all 23928340 stairs to the top of St. Paul’s cathedral so you can see all of the city. Avoid the modern art museum; only useful because it has bathrooms. I loved just exploring back alleys and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Also, if there’s a guy selling cinnamon sugar/caramelized peanuts on the millennium bridge…BUY THEM.

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