High Five for Friday!

This week went by really fast for me! Here’s what happened:

1) I wrote my first paper of the semester. I got my bachelor’s May 2012, but since I work at a college I’ve been taking a few classes as I have time. This semester, I’m very excited that I get to have a class of just reading. I love reading, I just don’t take time for it like I should. I’m reading four World War books over the course of the semester, and then I write a paper and have an oral presentation on it. My first presentation was Tuesday, and I thought it went well! I read this book:


2) I made laundry detergent! This literally costs pennies. Do it. Save yourself SO MUCH MONEY! I’ve been using different forms of DIY detergent for a while, and I love it.


3) I found this on Pinterest. And felt stupid that I’ve never figured it out before.


4) I opened my Closet store on Storenvy! I’ve already had a couple sales, and I love that people get to wear and enjoy the clothes that were just sitting in my closet! Link is on the sidebar.


5) This is probably cheating, because it hasn’t happened yet, but I am just too excited to not share that J&I are headed to the Great Smoky Mountains in a couple weeks. I seriously cannot wait. It is my favorite place in the world. I never want to live there, because I never want to get tired of going there.


Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday!

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