So it begins.

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I mean, of course I wash my hair every day …

… doesn’t everyone?


tresemmeBut, just in case you might miss a day once in a blue moon … or maybe only wash your hair every other day … or maybe twice a week … or roll out of bed 10 minutes before you have to leave and throw Day 4 hair in a pony tail … this is for you.

I’ve tried a Suave dry shampoo in the past. I loved the idea of it — absorbs excess oil and refreshes your hair between washes — but that one was not good for me. Caused crazy buildup and made my scalp itch = bad news. But I saw this Tresemme version linked on a few beauty blogs so I thought I’d give it a whirl (In case you’re curious, I combined a sale + coupon + Ibotta to make it nearly free).

I REALLY like it. I have to spray my hair a few times to get good results, but it does a great job. It does NOT leave residue, and really refreshes my roots & bangs and gives me some lift back. Shake it really well before you spray to get the product combined.

And it’s not just for 1, 2, 3, or 17-day old hair either. I was doing a Kate hair tutorial this morning and she uses dry shampoo on clean hair before styling it just to give it some texture and lift. This is a great affordable option. Give it a try! According to Southern Savers, there is a $5/2 Tresemme products in yesterday’s paper — perfect opportunity to try some new products!