So it begins.

Although it’s been two months since I last posted about our adventure with passports, these happy little books came in under two weeks! We were so pleasantly surprised.


They made everything suddenly seem so much more real. And soon. And exciting. 168 days!

My friend who is also going on the Europe trip had the great idea of purchasing one item per month so we can allow ourselves to shop but not get crazy and blow our budgets. I think that is a great idea for me. Now I just hope I have enough months … I know for sure that I will need:

  • Cute, comfortable walking shoes. I still love my Payless flats and may get another pair of those, but I’m still open to ideas.
  • A great, neutral crossbody bag. I need it to be able to hold an SLR camera as well as my other daily essentials, but I don’t want it to be huge. I’m drooling over this one from Target currently, but I’m trying to decide how practical it is for this trip.
  • A suitcase. All of ours are cheap and starting to fall apart, and I really want a good, sturdy, dependable suitcase for this trip. I believe Target is going to have an American Tourister spinner in their Black Friday sale, and that is tempting. Need to do some more research, but I love the idea of spinners!
  • A light, weather-resistant, neutral (do I say that word too much?) jacket. Haven’t researched this one too much, but I’ve seen some cute monogrammed ones on Etsy! A travel umbrella would be good too.
  • A camera. Ha. This is a big ‘un. Currently J and I are sharing our SLR, but I know we will both go CRAZY if we don’t have our own on the trip. We both want full frame cameras, but budget constraints will most likely dictate that we get one full frame for J, and I use a crop sensor (what we have now) for a while longer. Or, renting is always a good option — we’ve done that for weddings in the past. We’ll see what happens!

Well, that’s 5 items in 5 months. Maybe I can do it!

Happy Tuesday!


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