Travel Tuesday: Luggage!

I mentioned a while back wanting to get one necessary item per month until our Europe trip to keep things under control but also have something to look forward to. I actually got this in November, but I’ll count it as January’s item (I haven’t admitted it’s February yet, okay? Don’t judge).

Meet my new spinner! I’ve been wanting a quality piece of luggage for quite some time — I’ve had a couple of the multi-piece sets that were great for college but after a few years have fallen apart. Here’s hoping it will last a lot longer!

Lauren Blog-6

My husband I ran into JCPenney at the end of Black Friday just to “look.” Our first mistake. He found this totally-him-neon-duffel-meets-rolling-meets-backpack thing that he fell in love with that was at a great price. It packs like a duffel, rolls like a … roller, and has a detachable backpack. It’s pretty great. But that’s not my cup glass of Publix-sweet-tea-mixed-with-lemonade.

I found this. Which was, of course, even on it’s Black Friday sale price, double the price of Jon’s. Typical. I couldn’t pick anything else though. Everything about it just seemed so solid and sturdy and pretty. And it was a spinner. I love those things. But, it was expensive, so we left it there and just got Jon’s.

Lauren Blog-7

I happened to check Amazon’s price when I got home, and a surge of frugal-couponer-finds-good-deal-adrenaline rushed through me when I saw it was on sale for half what it was at JCP, which was a quarter of the list price. And I could get about 10% more off through eBates. We snagged it, and I’m so glad we did, because Amazon has since raised the price back up to almost double what I paid.

Lauren Blog-8

It has already vigorously been put through its paces in a mad dash through multiple airports over the holidays as we somehow were late for our both our flights. I’m talking, running through the aiport barefoot and crying late. But it made it, and we made it, so I think it’ll do.

It’s a 21.5″ which makes it carry-on compatible, but NOT, as I learned, when you stuff your winter coat in the outer pocket. So, my tentative goal is to pack for Europe in a way that I could carry everything on if I need/want to, but we’ll see how that goes.

Lauren Blog-9

Doesn’t everyone need a I-lost-my-luggage-and-wore-the-same-clothes-for-three-days conversation piece? I would hate to miss out on that opportunity.

Lauren Blog-10

Looking forward to packing this little buddy in less than three months!


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