ThredUp Love



Around Thanksgiving, Jenny @ Southern Savers posted that the company ThredUp was offering a $15 off promotion to new customers. Never one to miss out on free things, I went over to check out what they were. Turns out ThredUp is basically the world’s best Goodwill, where they only take name brand clothing in excellent quality, and you can shop online … and they have petite. *chorus of short frugal couponing wives singing — or maybe that’s just me*

Through an odd glitch with my web browser, I accidentally purchased my shopping cart before I had narrowed my items down to $15 or even put in the promo code. I was so sad! I e-mailed customer service and told them what happened and within minutes, a representative had e-mailed me back and credited me the $15. Right then I knew I’d found a good company. 

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Even better – when you purchase, they give you an option to post a link on your Facebook where if any of your friends purchase through your link, they get $10 off their first order, and you get $10 for referring them. THAT is what I call a win-win! I didn’t check my account for several days and when I came back and I was so excited to see a nice little collection of referral credits waiting for me! I’ve since made several orders, entirely with referral credits that keep coming in. Granted, I know I will eventually need to start paying for items, but it’s a fraction of what I would pay in store! This company has found a lifelong customer.

How it works: ThredUp is stocked by people all over the country sending in their gently used or new name-brand clothes. ThredUp sorts what they can accept and donates the rest (or they will mail them back to you for a small fee). The customer immediately gets a credit which can be used to purchase items or can be cashed out. This is obviously only a percentage of what ThredUp will list the items for — they have to make money — but it is totally a great deal that they give you the money immediately, not just when/if it sells. If you decide to sell clothes through them, they have a convenient calculator on their site to let you know whether it is likely they will accept your items or not. No sense sending them clothes they can’t use!

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The items are then listed and completely searchable by size, brand, price, type, etc. Each item is marked as either new-with-tags, practically new, or tiny flaw, and the prices reflect the condition. I’ve ordered several items with “flaws” and never found a problem with any of them.

Shipping is $2.99 for the first item, and then $0.99 for each item after that. Very reasonable! Orders over $50 have free shipping.

As with any online shopping, some items have not fit me, or I haven’t liked them once I tried them on. You do pay return shipping, but I consider that a small price to pay for the great deals I’m getting!

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They list women’s, junior’s, and children’s clothing. No men’s, much to Jon’s chagrin! Hopefully they will add that on eventually. They’re adding purses soon — can’t wait for that!

For $10 off your first order, click here. Happy shopping!

This is not a sponsored post. ThredUp has no idea who I am. I just love them a lot. 


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