High Five for Valentine’s Day!

Happy Friday! Here’s my week:

1) Not feeling to good these last few days. But it’s given me time to print out several recipes I want to start cooking and freezing soups and meats for some more ready-made meals. This Pioneer Woman Hamburger Soup is on my list! Looks so good. pioneerwoman

2. I’m in love with this CND nail polish! Lasts for days! I’ve never done metallic polish before but this gold is very subtle and neutral. image_2

3. I didn’t feel well enough to go shopping this week, but there were some deals I couldn’t miss, so I sent Jon out. He did so good! Got every deal I wanted him to perfectly, and even got me a rain check on one that they were out of. And I think this may have been my best spending/saving ratio, especially since I got another $1 off with iBotta. Saved almost double what we spent! Good job, honey. image_1

4. Continuing with the husband theme (it is Valentine’s Day after all), I left my phone when I went to a doctor’s appointment and when I came home he had left for work but I found my phone with this note on it when I got home. Made me smile. 🙂image_3

5. And to finish it all off, my sweet husband brought me 2 roses tonight after he got off from his first job (before he left for his second). Two blooms for the two years we’ve been married. I love that man. image

Happy Friday!

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