About Lauren


A huge part of enjoying a blog is getting to know the blogger behind it, and I want this blog to be an enjoyable and helpful place. I may post a lot about hair, makeup, clothes, travel, money, etc., but first and foremost I am a Christian. Being a Christian is not just a slice of my life, it is at the center of everything I do. I won’t post about movies that are crude, I won’t advertise clothing that I think is immodest, and I will strive to always keep a Godly perspective in my writing. I am part of a wonderful and supportive church family here in Tampa, FL, and if you’re local or visiting, please come see us!

I created this blog to challenge myself. I want to become the best wife to my sweet husband that I can be, and I’m going to enjoy the ride. I’m learning to save money in unexpected places, like making my own cleaners and buying mascara on Amazon. I’m learning to improve my photography skills so that I can better support J in our joint business, Wick Photography. I’m learning to find clothes that fit, and alter those that I have, so that I can feel confident in myself and not constantly wish for something “new.” I’m learning to try new recipes and feel proud of the food I feed us. I’m learning to take care of the body that God gave me in the best way I know how. He’s given me some challenges to work through in that department, but it’s taught me patience and the desire to learn for myself what before I might have assumed someone else knew better.

So, I started this blog so that as I learn the lessons God is teaching me, I can share them with you! Enjoy.


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