I mean, of course I wash my hair every day …

… doesn’t everyone?


tresemmeBut, just in case you might miss a day once in a blue moon … or maybe only wash your hair every other day … or maybe twice a week … or roll out of bed 10 minutes before you have to leave and throw Day 4 hair in a pony tail … this is for you.

I’ve tried a Suave dry shampoo in the past. I loved the idea of it — absorbs excess oil and refreshes your hair between washes — but that one was not good for me. Caused crazy buildup and made my scalp itch = bad news. But I saw this Tresemme version linked on a few beauty blogs so I thought I’d give it a whirl (In case you’re curious, I combined a sale + coupon + Ibotta to make it nearly free).

I REALLY like it. I have to spray my hair a few times to get good results, but it does a great job. It does NOT leave residue, and really refreshes my roots & bangs and gives me some lift back. Shake it really well before you spray to get the product combined.

And it’s not just for 1, 2, 3, or 17-day old hair either. I was doing a Kate hair tutorial this morning and she uses dry shampoo on clean hair before styling it just to give it some texture and lift. This is a great affordable option. Give it a try! According to Southern Savers, there is a $5/2 Tresemme products in yesterday’s paper — perfect opportunity to try some new products!

Foundation Roundup

I’ve tried several foundations over the years in my search for “the perfect” foundation, and I wanted to share my thoughts on a few. I hope if you have been on the fence wanting to try one of these, that this will help you make a decision one way or the other!

Just so you know, my skin is pale, oily, prone to breakouts, and easily burns. Also, I try to keep my foundations as clean and natural as I possibly can. Someday, I dream of every beauty product I use being natural, but until I can afford that I try to make sure that my face and lip products are clean, because they come in the most contact with my skin/mouth, and because they are the least likely to make my breakouts worse.

So, here we go! I’ll list the products in the order I’ve tried them.

Sheer Cover

#1: Sheer Cover ($29.95)

I tried this in high school. I was itching to try Bare Minerals at the time, but couldn’t swing the $60 to get the starter kit, and Sheer Cover was a good alternative at half the price. They’ve changed around the kits a bit, but the basics are the same. The $29.95 starter kit comes with foundation, concealer, bronzer, mascara, and lash extending fibers (? they didn’t have those when I tried it. Not even sure what that is.), as well as a bonus of a foundation brush, concealer brush, and bronzer brush. It says it’s a 30-day kit, but I’m sure I stretched it much further than that, and the brushes are a nice bonus to keep. Instead of having a dozen shades you have to choose from from a dime size swatch on a website, they just have Light, Medium, Tan, and Deep. I had no doubts that I was (and always will be) Light, so I got that one. Overall impression — it was fine. Not a life-changer. I don’t remember the foundation being a great match, and I remember the concealer being very yellow (although, to be fair, concealer needs to be a little yellow) and somewhat cake-y. That being said, that was a few years ago, and it looks like they’ve beefed up their products. I would be interested in trying them again now just to try the new formulas. There’s a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can’t beat that! I still use the concealer brush, and it’s a great little brush. Nutshell: If you’ve been wanting to try mineral makeup, but Bare Minerals is too steep for you, give this one a try.


#2: Bare Minerals. ($29.99 or $59.98)

I eventually did try Bare Minerals. I think there was some promotion + coupon I figured out that made it doable. Again, they’ve changed around their starter kits a little. They actually now offer one that rivals Sheer Cover’s price. The one I tried included two foundations, one powder, one bronzer, two fluffy brushes, a concealer brush, and a sample size primer. I think it may have had a mascara as well. That much, plus a new fun powder compact (because let’s be real, carting around all of that loose powder and brushes in your purse is not gonna happen), is now the $59.98 kit. The foundation lasted me a while, and the bronzer, called Warmth, lasts FOREVER. Seriously. You only have to use a tiny, tiny, microscopic bit, so it never goes away. Overal impression — it was good! It felt very clean and fresh, and I knew it wasn’t hurting my skin. Still, I didn’t feel like my colors were spot on. They give you two shades so you can mix them to match you, but one was a little orange/dark, and the other was a tad yellow. And mixing the two every day was a little tiresome. I would have stuck with it though, except the one thing I felt it was lacking that was a deal-breaker for me was blemish coverage. But, I love the brushes, and still use them every day. Nutshell: If you’re looking for natural makeup, and only have redness or some slight blemishes, this might be perfect for you.


#3: Origins Stay Tuned ($24.00)

I honestly don’t remember what all I tried my first couple years of college, but around my junior year a friend with similar skin tone to mine suggested Origins. I had never heard of the brand, but they are another company who guarantees natural makeup, which is a must for me. I had been wanting a good, natural, liquid makeup to get better coverage, so I tried this one. It’s a really good product that I’ve bought multiple times. It is pricier than you would pay for a drugstore product, but it lasts a LONG time, at least in the amounts I use, and they will occasionally run promotions. Overall impression — It covers pretty well, blends well, and feels good on, but my one frustration was that with my oily skin and living in humid Tampa, I always felt like by the end of the day the makeup had slid off my face. The goal of the product is to balance combination dry & oily skin, but my skin is not dry ANYWHERE on my face, it’s just oily. So, I tried the next foundation I will talk about. Nutshell: Good, natural liquid foundation, but if your skin is particularly oily, you may need a different formula, or a heavier powder finish.


#4: Origins Brighter by Nature ($30.00)

I tried this because I liked the idea of a powder foundation specifically made to combat oil. Pros: I love that the powder holder lifts up to have a place for the sponge underneath, keeping the sponge full of oil and skin cells from sitting in your makeup all day. I liked the texture for the most part, and it did reasonably well controlling oil. Cons: I don’t feel like the product lasts very long, and I didn’t like the amount of coverage. I needed the coverage of Stay Tuned, with the matte finish and oil control of Brighter by Nature. So, for a while I alternated between the two. Nutshell: If your main needs are oil control and some discoloration or uneven skin tone, this is your product. If you have dry skin or much acne, this probably isn’t it.


#5: Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation ($42.00)

Introducing my new favorite product! I was introduced to this product watching Kate @ The Small Things Blog‘s video of her going through her daily makeup routine. She doesn’t have the skin problems I do, but just watching her normal skin discolorations disappear when she put this product convinced me it was magical. I was running out of my Stay Tuned bottle, and really want to try something new, but this foundation is FORTY-TWO DOLLARS?! That’s a water bill, people. I couldn’t handle that. But, through some deals I’d found, I had about $15 in Amazon gift cards I could use towards it. Because all sellers on Amazon are third-party sellers (as far as I know), the prices for different shades were all over the map. The fair and porcelain shades were only $17 (?!) but as hard as I tried to convince myself they would work, I knew I would hate myself if I didn’t get the correct shade (my shade is Soft Blush, the same as Kate’s, strangely enough). So, between gift cards and the Amazon price, I got it for about what I would have paid for my Origins makeup, which I could stomach. Conclusion: I really, really like it. It’s not quite as magical as the video made it look, but it’s the first liquid foundation that I feel like stays on my face all day, even in Tampa. It blends beautifully, and has really good coverage. I still use concealer on blemishes and under my eyes, but other than that I’m very pleased! I can’t speak as to how long it will last since I’m on my first bottle, but I’m being conservative. Nutshell: If you can afford it, or are one of the lucky people who’s shade is super cheap on Amazon, go for it! I love it.

So there you have it! I hope you’ll try some of these products out if you’re looking for something new, and I hope my comments are helpful. Have a wonderful Monday!

Oh, hello there!

I have a blog? Look, I have a blog! I’m so glad to see it is still around after a two-week vacation. I’ve had nothing going on, other than getting our second car totaled, photographing a wedding in Texas, and opening week at the college I work at. Nothing much, really. I’m excited to get back to blogging!

I got several e.l.f. products when they had a good sale going on a few weeks back. The product I’ve been using the most out of that order is their e.l.f. Studio Translucent Matifying Powder. It’s a whopping $3 full price, and they run 50% sales fairly often. They’re currently running a $1.98 shipping special as well.


I just discovered e.l.f. a few months back, and I am very excited that there is a line of very affordable makeup and brushes for when I can’t (or shouldn’t) afford some of the pricier brands. Obviously, at this price level, some of the makeup is probably not very “clean,” but I was excited to see that they also have a mineral line that I am looking forward to exploring. Their ingredient lists are encouragingly short!

This compact, however, is from their studio line. Both the mineral and studio lines are slightly more expensive than their essential line, but still, as I said, this studio powder was only $3.

It does not have an overwhelming amount of product in it, but it is a very light, sheer powder that is one-shade-fits-all, and I like it to wear over my foundation. Eventually I want to get a few more to have one at work and one in my purse.

I’d encourage you to try this line out! I believe some Targets and even dollar stores sell their products, but you won’t get as full of a selection as you do online.

Happy Monday!

“Wipe, wipe!”

I’ve been watching a lot of Monk recently so this post seems appropriate.


Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes

I love the convenience of makeup removal wipes at night. I hate getting makeup all over my washcloths. I usually wipe off the first layer of makeup, then wash with Dr. Bronner’s tea tree soap, then use Burt’s Bees Garden Tomato Toner, then Burt’s Bees Spot Treatment. My skin is very sensitive, oily, and prone to breakouts, but this regimen is keeping me mostly under control.

I started using these a while back when they were running a promotion on the Burt’s Bees website for a pack of 10 for $3. I later realized that the 30-wipe pack was only $6, so I got a better deal that way. I’ve since found out my co-op sells these at a wholesale price, so I’m getting them for under $4, and I cut them in half, so I get 60 uses/2 months per pack.

I love that they don’t just say “all natural” or “made with natural ingredients” — they give a specific percentage, and it changes per product. That’s more realistic/honest to me. These are 99.7% natural and they don’t make me break out at all, like most makeup removal wipes do. If you have extremely sensitive skin, they also have a “sensitive” version.

For another options, my mom just started using some Seventh Generation makeup wipes that don’t make her skin irritated at all either. There’s always an all-natural option!

Happy Monday, y’all!

What will it BB?


I’m jumping onto the BB cream bandwagon a little late. I love the idea of being able to wear a moisturizer with light coverage on days when I don’t want to put on a full face of makeup. The first one I’ve tried is the Covergirl Smoothers BB Cream. It offers these benefits:

1. Natural Looking Radiance

2. Sheer Color

3. All Day Hydration

4. Improves Skin Elasticity

5. Broad Spectrum SPF 15

6. Blends Effortlessly

7. Lightweight

8. Helps Skin Feel Smooth

9. Covers to Help Instantly Improve Skin’s Appearance

10. Won’t Clog Pores

(11. Affordable! $6.50 at Publix)

A 10-in-1 perfecting cream sounds almost too good to be true, and for me, it was. I like the cream, and I won’t say that it doesn’t do what it says, but personally I need more coverage than a BB cream can provide. If you do not have heavy breakouts or much redness, however, this would be a great option for light days.

I found that the 810 “light to medium” shade works for me and blends well. I use it mainly as my moisturizer/primer before my foundation, and I will definitely use this before going to the pool or an at-home day when I just want a good moisturizer.

After I finish with this, I may experiment with a CC cream. Kate at the Small Things Blog gives a nice summary of the differences in BB, CC, DD etc. The CC offers more coverage and correction (hence the CC), and I’ll review one when I try it. I was able to double coupon (Publix + manufacturer) to get this one for around $4, which I don’t regret at all. It’s a good basic tinted moisturizer with a few added benefits thrown in. If that’s what floats your boat, go for this one!

Happy Monday!

Petite Peach

How do I love thee, Amazon? Let me count the ways.


I have loved Amazon for many a day. It has rescued me from many forgotten birthdays, soothed me when I wanted to shop, reassured me with its Prime 2-day shipping, entertained me with its streaming videos, and even paid me when my textbooks were no longer of use to me. And today, again, Amazon has shown its true value.

My mascara tube is dried up.

Horror of horrors, I know.

Now, I am the type that will drag out things as long as possible. I add water to the soap dispenser, use my makeup remover wipes twice (they’re too big!), and wear my 2-week contact lenses for … well … you get the point. I stretch it out. But, the fact that I can’t remember when I bought this tube of mascara was beginning to concern me.

But, seriously, mascara is expensive. $7 -$8 for a tube of black stuff just hurts. That’s 3 pounds of chicken. That’s 1 1/2 meals at Chick-fil-A. That’s a movie ticket.

(This is also something I do — anytime I spend money on something I don’t want to spend money on, I run through the endless list in my mind of what else I could be spending that money on. For example, J-Wick’s wisdom teeth extraction … I don’t want to talk about it.)

But, hark! On a whim, I clicked over to Amazon and there it was. My Covergirl Natureluxe mascara. For $2.48.


Two dollars and forty-eight cents (in case you missed it).

With free shipping.

I bought 3.

And J-Wick’s text response when I told him was : “Well done good and faithful wife. Your prudence shall be rewarded in the latter days.” I like him.

I like this mascara because it’s a nice cross between regular and waterproof. It stays on really well, but comes off easily with my makeup remover wipes. It’s a nice texture and I get reasonable fullness from it. I first bought it because it was “natural,” although I’m not sure how much is really natural about it besides the fact that the bottle is green. But hey, if they took out one chemical, it helps. Most of my makeup and skincare routine is natural, so if I make a concession here or there for things that are hard to replace, I don’t feel too bad about it. (How’s that for rationalization? I’ll go eat a cookie since I had salad today. Oh wait, I didn’t have salad. Shame.)

Alas, I can’t share this $2.48 happiness with you all, because on discovering this wondrous item I posted it on my FB and within a few hours they were sold out. (There were only a dozen or so left when I found them — I’m not that popular).

But, I would encourage you to think about Amazon when making home/health/beauty purchases. If you already know what you want and don’t need to physically shop around, it saves time, gas, stress, and almost always money, especially if you have the Prime membership. Even if you don’t, if you get up to $25, you can still get free shipping.

For example, here are 300 salon-quality bobby pins for $2.39. Or here is a professional curling iron for $25. Check Amazon before you go shopping — not only because it may be cheaper, but it keeps you focused on what you’re actually shopping for.

If you’re a student, you can sign up for your very own Prime membership here free for six months, and then get it for 50% off after that. If you’re not a student, go here for a free 30-day trial. Why wait? Try it! Tell ’em I sent ya.


Petite Peach

P.S. – This is not a sponsored post. I just really love Amazon. And so should you.

P.P.S. – Amazon just announced that they are opening a warehouse in Tampa! Exciting!