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One Piece, Different Ways

I read Audrey’s Putting Me Together blog daily, and she has completely changed how I look at my closet! She is hosting a One Piece Different Ways linkup this week, and her post is here and you can see all the other posts who have linked there too. I wanted to try it, so this is my attempt!

I picked up this shirt on clearance at JCPenney. They were running an extra 50% off their clearance, AND they have a petite section, so I picked this up for about $3 bucks. I was so excited! So I wanted to challenge myself to see how many different ways I could wear it.


First, I explored what different pants I could wear with it. Obviously, it works with jeans for a casual look. It has white in it so it works well with white jeans too. And here are the black pants that I talked about in this post! I love them.


Next, skirts. I’ve had this purple skirt for forever and it helps pull out the purple in the shirt. Jean skirts and a black straight skirt are so versatile! All of these are great for work or church.


These I had to leave up to my imagination, because it’s about 170 degrees with 300% humidity in Tampa right now. But, I can imagine that a jean jacket works well with this. Another thing I love about white jeans — you can wear a denim jacket with it and not be blue denim from head to toe. The gray jacket helps because it’s 3/4 sleeve — something about having my elbows free makes me feel so much cooler. And a vest is a great way to add a layer without extra sleeves.


I also experimented with different ways to style the shirt itself. Loose, tucked, and belted. Tucking is a great way to lengthen the leg line because it makes your waistline higher. Belting has a similar effect.


I experimented with different necklaces with it. I love the concept of statement necklaces but I’m starting small with the white one. The pendant was a gift and is made from an old piece of silverware and has an “L” stamped on it — love it! And you can never go wrong with pearls.

So there you have it! Over 10 ways to style one shirt. Try it out! It’s a great way to make yourself wear something in a new way.

Linking up with Putting Me Together’s OPDW and What I Wore Wednesday!

pleated poppy

Don’t believe everything you hear.

There are so many things about being petite that make shopping and styling confusing, because your body is about a foot shorter than the mannequins — tops that hit at their hips hit you at your knees. So, I’ve experimented, failed, and experimented again. I’ve found many petite tips that I do not agree with and do not think are necessary, but also some that I think are very helpful.

Petite tips I do not agree with:

  • Dress all in one color | The idea here is that if you’re not breaking up your outfit with different blocks of color, the overall effect will make you look taller and slimmer. But … dress all in one color? From headband to shoes? No. Just, no.
  • Choose skirts with high slits | I will never be convinced that stylish and well-fitting clothes must be immodest. High slits are not in my fashion vocabulary.
  • Wear tighter clothes | See above answer.
  • Don’t wear flat shoes | I understand the concept here (high heels will of course make you taller), but it is impractical that you will never want or need to wear flats. If you do wear flats, choose some straight pants and a long necklace to pair them with. If one aspect of your outfit is “shortening”, then lengthen it somewhere else.
  • Wear long shirts | I agree that short shirts make me look stubby, but long shirts that reach past my hips make my legs look even shorter than they already are. The shirts that look the best on me hit right at my hip bone.

Petite tips I do agree with:

  • Wear clothes that fit well | I know, duh. But, I used to think shopping for petite tops wasn’t important because, unlike pants, they don’t drag the ground if they’re too long. But petite tops fit better everywhere: neckline, armhole, seaming, length, and actually make you look taller because they fit you just like regular tops fit average height women.
  • Choose V-shapes | This is difficult, because V-necks tops are truly very flattering and elongating, but can also be revealing. However, even vests, cardigans, and jackets can add a V-shape on top of a regular layer.
  • Wear heels | I definitely do not do this every day, but I am on the quest for a good neutral pair of low-to-mid heels and wedges. They make me feel taller and more put together.
  • Choose pants with straight legs | A straight legged pant will visually give you one long, straight line from your hips to your shoes, especially if worn with heels. Bootcut or tapered pants can sometimes work, but also can break up the leg line and make you look shorter.
  • Wear jackets open | I love jackets for adding structure, but buttoning them can cut you in half. Leaving them open creates one line from your neck to your shoes, while still adding great interest to the outfit.
  • Wear long necklaces | Again, visually adds height and lines.
  • Choose bermudas over shorter shorts | I love when a fashion tip coincides with my own modesty choices! I love bermuda shorts (hit at the middle of the knee), and from a petite standpoint they are great because they are not only easy to find long enough for your comfort, but they add the most height because they add the longest line possible for shorts. By the way, same concept for skirts.

Hope these tips help! We’re getting our remote camera trigger today so maybe I can finally start posting pictures instead of just talking about it. 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

~ Lauren

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” – J.R.R.T.

This should be the slogan for the Petite Woman of America. Which probably isn’t a society.

So, here begins what I hope will be a growing (get it? short joke) number of “petite” posts. Not that the posts themselves will be short (well, sometimes they might) but they will primarily be focused on learning how best to dress a petite body. I’m 5’1″ on a good hair day, and have been since I was 12. I’m definitely the runt of my family. I’ve been trying for the last 10 years to learn how to shop and dress to fit my body, and I’m still learning, for sure, but I want to use this blog as a means to push myself to learn more, and share what I learn.

So, just to get these out there, let’s list the Curses of Short People:

  • You can’t function in your kitchen without a step stool and/or you have become very adept at climbing.
  • Your petite jeans are still frayed at the bottom from dragging the ground.
  • You’ll never understand why the “short” sizes are on the top shelf.
  • You don’t really consider using the overhead bins on flights. If it don’t go under the seat, it don’t go.
  • Your size is only sold online.
  • You and crowds don’t get along.
  • You have to take two steps to your husband’s one.
  • Your feet dangle. Always.

If any of these apply to you, please let me know! I’ll feel less alone.

But, on the bright side, let’s list the Blessings of Short People:

  • You can get other people to reach things for you. “Fetch me that pitcher?” Name that movie.
  • You always get a good spot in group pictures.
  • You can wear skirts/shorts/dresses that are too short on other people.
  • You can shop in the girls’ section. I know I’m not the only one who’s done this. It’s cheaper!
  • You can stand up straight under the overhead bin on the plane. Take that overhead bin. Who needed you anyway?
  • You get called “cute” a lot.

I “complain” about it a lot, but I really don’t mind being short. It’s more of a running joke between my 6′ husband and me and I enjoy it. There are definitely some styles that others can pull off that I can’t, and there are certainly times when I wish my legs were more than 4 inches long, but that’s okay. I have learned a ton from Audrey@Putting Me Together (see my “peachy blogs” page) and am able to translate a lot of her tips into my wardrobe, even though she’s not petite. It’s really all about making sure your clothes fit you, and then putting them together is the fun part! I’m excited about this page and hope we all learn a lot!

Have a lovely day,

Petite Peach


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