Peachy Blogs

These are some blogs I love and read on a regular basis!

The Small Things Blog  | Kate has found a wonderful niche — simple, step-by-step hair and makeup tutorials for the everyday woman. She is adorable and so helpful and real.

Putting Me Together | Audrey is single-handedly responsible for causing me to pull out every article of clothing in my closet and completely look at it in a new way. Her process of creating a workable wardrobe is phenomenal. She has completely changed my shopping experience. Her style is everyday, down-to-earth, and affordable. And she shops at Target, so what else do you need to know? And I love that she has a sense of modesty, and so 9 times out of 10, I would totally feel comfortable wearing what she does!

The Pioneer Woman | Seriously, who doesn’t read this blog? Her writing style always makes me laugh and I love her step-by-step, photographed recipes. I mostly read the “Confessions” and “Cooking” blogs, but I’ve been reading her Home & Garden some as well. She makes me want to buy a ranch.

Shabby Apple | If you haven’t looked through these dresses, you MUST. Adorable styles. The blog is so fun because it does vintage throwbacks, hairstyles, packing tips, all sorts of things! Plus giveaways (I won one)!

The Healthy Home Economist | Sarah has great insight into real food and raising your family to be truly healthy.

Southern Savers | This site is the PERFECT resource for a beginning couponer. Jenny explains everything visually and makes it so much less intimidating. You can do it!

More to come!


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